Who’s a superstar?

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Social media was turn upside down when Shatta Wale stated that he doesn’t see Wizkid as a superstar. Well the Nigerians really went hard on us. But as you know Shatta Wale is a one man army. He doesn’t need a nation to fight his wars for him.

How Much Do They Earn On YouTube?

We did a little digging to find out how much these guys earn on their YouTube channel. Both of these guys are really banking good using their YouTube. Even if they decide to retire now, I bet they will still have some cash from YouTube.

Let’s Start With…


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The Starboy’s channel was created on Oct 7th, 2013. He has only 15 uploads with over millions views. Well Check his estimated monthly and yearly earnings.

Shatta Wale

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The Dancehall King’s channel was created on the Nov 19th, 2012. A year older than the Wizkid’s own. Shatta Wale, also have 484 uploads on his channel. Well Check his estimated monthly and yearly earnings.

Let us hear your comment and views on who cashing out.