Prophet Kobi Referencing Hustle By Ebony And Baby By Magnom

The founder of Glorious Wave International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, is a renowned prophet in Ghana.


He’s known for his prophecies. He also does not shy away to comment on other social and political issues concerning mother Ghana. Prophet Kobi used Ebony’s song (Hustle) to reach out to his church members.

In the video he recited the catchy chorus of Ebony’s song “me de woo me de wo dwa” . Upon hearing the hustle chorus, he had to call his friend to explain what Ebony meant in the song.

In his preaching he used the song as reference of progressing in the year 2018.

As Ebony said in the song “me de woo me de wo dwa

ebony hustle video

So Pastor Emmanuel Badu Kobi is trying to prophesize to us that “obi b3 de y3 dwa

Actually this is not the first time we have seen a pastor using a secular song in his or her preaching. We can mention many preachers who used different secular songs in their church.

We can remember when that confession song from Kofi Kinataa dropped. It became a slogan in most auditoriums.

The pastor then recalled one time, that he called someone on the phone but the caller ringtone was a song from Magnom called Baby.


The prophet is sending a great message to Ghanaians. He prophesied for everyone’s poverty to be changed into prosperity.

He then made a great reference about the owner of Zoomlion. Someone told him that he would never work for Zoomlion ago about 12 years ago. But now the owner of Zoomlion is super rich having different companies in his name. So definitely your beginning may not be well but  surely your  ending will he better 🙂 . Heads up! 

So may your life prosper like how the hustle song by Ebony has gone far.


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