So if you know Showboy, then you know this guy is not afraid to speak his mind on social media. He is like 50 cent. 50 cent will drag any matter on social media to troll anyone that comes at him.

Showboy was once a close friend of Criss Waddle. And rumors has it that he was also one of the co-founders of AMG Business Group.

credit: Criss Waddle/Showboy

Criss Waddle And Show Boy Beef

But since last year or two years ago, there has been this rift between the two brothers which caused them to go their separate ways. Till date we haven’t heard from any of these guys.


So if you guys could remember, we posted a story about grind day remix and uploaded some footage of the Behind the scenes on YouTube.

Lastnight, Kwesi Arthur dropped that track. Well the track features Sarkodie and Medikal.

What has caused controversies is Medikal’s verse:

I will just summarize Medikal’s verse on grind day remix..

So Medikal called out Showboy and he dissed him. I am actually not surprised because this is the second time Medikal has called out a rapper’s name in a song and dissed him. He called out Lil Shaker and told him to F**K off.

Incase you missed that article;

Grind day Remix


Showboy was quick to reply with the following thread on twitter;

He also threw shots at Sister Deborah, Medikal, Kwesi Arthur and Shatta Wale.

WARNING: These images have strong languages which I have covered, for the Kids.

The first shot was at

Kwesi Arthur

Then Sister Deborah

LOL! Sister Deborah then hit back

Then he Attacked Debbie Again

Then He threw Shot At Shatta Wale Indirectly;


What is Medikal waiting for? Would you allow anyone attack your girl like this after getting her into the trouble? Food for thought.