Africa’s most decorated rapper, Sarkodie had some few words to his fans in his new song called No coiling ( KMT Remix). The song was originally made by Drake.

Sarkodie – No Coiling

He said many things in the song but we would like to talk about some of the words that have people talking.


In the beginning of the verse, King Sarkodie took a shot at some rappers who want to take the crown away from him. He said the following

‘Ni***s wanna try me
y3de patapaa gye ma henky3′

These rappers are smart enough that they won’t mention who directly mentioned the fellow rapper they are talking about in a song. That is some subliminal shot.

And we can make mention of some rappers who don’t like Sarkodie being a King in the Hip-hop and Hiplife game. Rappers like EL and M.anifest are also trying to be competitive and do not accept that Sarkodie is the King of Ghana Music.

But what does it take to be King in Hip-hop or Hiplife? That’s another topic.

Broken Relationship Between EL & Sarkodie

Believe it or not, these guys are not that cool no more. EL tweeted some words after the BAR4 was done.

source: ELgh_

After reading the tweet. Can you guess who’s wasn’t on the BAR4 Mixtape? King Sarkodie.

Now here’s what I don’t really understand about this tweet. If a top rapper decided not to feature on your album that’s not a big deal for me because that is his choice. And Sarkodie is probably learning from his mentor Jay-Z. Jay-Z does not feature on any album.


And I also feel EL’s pain because he started with Sarkodie and he helped push Sarkodie when he started. I can boldly say that he was one of the individuals that helped Sarkodie to sell his Afrobeatz to the world. So it kinda hurt in a way when the guy you helped doesn’t do the same for you.

Sarkodie Sent Shots To Donald Trump

Now I don’t really like to talk about politics on my platform. But I am sure you’ve heard about that alleged statement the U.S President made about some countries been a “sh*thole”?

Well, Africa’s rapper had some words for him also.