Chef Sarkodie! Guess what Sarkodie just added to his responsibilities? Cooking Jollof on every Saturday.


Earlier this week Sarkodie got Twitter talking. But what’s new if Sarkodie got twitter to talk? I mean he’s a public figure so there’s nothing new if he gets people to talk about him on social media.

So earlier this week, Sarkodie posted on twitter about cooking. And it was nothing but a Ghana Jollof. Well, there were people online who trolled him; saying some few things about the Jollof he prepared.

sarkodie jollof

Some couldn’t believe he actually prepared it. But Sarkodie confirmed that he has been cooking on every Saturday since last year.


And every day it gets better; it seems Sarkodie’s cooking skills get better.

Some other musicians were seen at Sarkodie’s house enjoying his cooked Jollof. Some of them were; B4 Bonah, Kwesi Arthur and some invited fans.