Ebony Reigns

Ebony’s real name is Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng and she was born on the 16th February 1997; She’s just 20 years old.

Ebony sets record to become the first youngest Ghanaian artist to have three videos with over a million views each in just a year. Whiles other artiste are reaching to their audience through radio plays, Ebony was reaching more people through digital platforms.

Apart from becoming the first youngest female to achieve this award, she has always been making alot of money just this year through her YouTube Channel.

We will write an article about how much she earned this year for those who would like to know.

For your information, Ebony has two YouTube Channels under her name. The first channel is managed by MiPromo whiles the second is managed by VEVO.

The account managed by MiPromo

The other one is powered by KV Online under VEVO

Now lets do the maths on both channel.

Ebony Reigns – Sponsor

ebony sponsor video and audio

The video was released 6 months ago but it has gotten over 2 Millions views which is encouraging. Most new artist do not get their views up to this growth.

Ebony – Poison

ebony poison ft gatdoe

Her music video which clocked over a million views was poison and I honestly think it will reach over two million views very soon. This video was released about 10 months ago.

Ebony – Kupe

ebony kube

Ebony- Hustle

ebony hustle video

Here’s a grid view of how here Channel Views looks like